We build analytical and knowledge engines

helping you look beyond operational intelligence and efficiency:SycliQ

providing dimensional perspectives,by mashing up non-spatial and spatial data to generate map based perspectives:MapUp

Systems for Corporate Life Cyle Intelligence:SycliQ

Systems for Commuting Life Cyle Intelligence:SycliQ

Systems for Care Life Cyle Intelligence:SycliQ

Systems for Crop Life Cyle Intelligence:SycliQ

Real-estate analytics platform:TruEstate

Data marketplace:DataDeck

Syed Awase


Awase Syed
Technology focused
India, Singapore, Dubai,Europe, North America
1000+ Candidates (2015-16)
Symphony Connected Services, Ebay, All State, ITC Infotech, JCI(Pune),Opus(Pune), Harman(Bangalore,Pune),CGI(Bang, Hyd, Chennai)

Product Prototyping

We can help you quickly build product prototype and perform market research.Over the years, we have acquired skills in various technologies and platforms, that enable us to quickly build product prototypes.

What makes us different?

  • We are group of hard-core researchers, architects and technologist, from renowned universities.
  • Our technical team has direct interface with client, no middle-men, who do not understand technology.
  • Real-time code driven training sessions(domain specific based on client's use-case)
  • Reduced costs to the customer's as there are no middle-men/brokers/vendors, who do not understand technology
  • post-training support and hand-holding through focused meetup specifically designed for your project needs
  • largest network of technology trainers, who benefit directly without middle men.
  • class-room based, peer to peer learning,B2B and B2C training and resource hiring
  • hire the best talent from us, who are ready for the job DAY ONE!

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spatial and aspatial data

Industrial Automation

Automation and Analytical tools

Commuting Analytics

Price Prediction,Travel,Connected Cars


Real-Estate, Market/Retail Analytics, E-Commerce Portals

Capacity Building

Project/Code-driven B2B and B2C -technology trainings

Subject Areas


  • Analytics with R Statistical Programming
  • Analytics with Python Programming

Geographic Information Systems

  • GIS with ARCGIS

Front End Technologies

  • Angular/AngularJS with RequireJS
  • ReactJS
  • KnockoutJS with RequireJS
  • BackboneJS
  • VueJS
  • Aurelia

Information Retrieval and Machine Learning

  • Machine Learning with R /Python
  • Autonomous Systems
  • Information retrieval engines with Python

Some of our Focus Areas

Geoanalytics and Location Based Services

Over the years, we have acquired skills through education and experience serving various client.
Please talk to us for building geoanalytical platforms and location based services. more

Care Analytics

We help you build hardware and software devices for autonomous monitoring devices for care.
We also focus on building medical knowledge bases more


Connected Mobility is the future, we are building application in the space of coneected cars, communications for transport systems, natural activity recognition algorithms (NAIRA) for mobility using hand-held devices.

Autonomous System

We believe the future is in Autonomous Systems.

  • Autonomous robotic instruction sets: Autonomous Learning Systems
  • Autonomous Commuting Systems
  • Autonomous Operating Systems

Check our YouTube channel & SLIDESHARE

We shall be streaming some of our capacity building programs live soon!

Product Portfolio

Data Deck

DataDeck (TradeMark of Territorial Prescience) is an online data market place for publishing open as well as proprietary data sets that individuals or organizations are willing to sell their datasets.

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property search and real-estate spatial intelligence tool that provides real-time insights and market trends.

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We understand and have the expertise to build custom map applications for mobile and the web. Explore your urban and rural terrains using Mapup location based service. Our vision is to provide support for iPhone, Android and Windows Platform. Should you be interested to invest in our LBS custom real-time mapping solutions, please write to us.
As more and more datasets are added either through our online data collation service or through offline scrapping activity, we are able to provide spatialized views of this data providing meaningful insights for organization worldwide.

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Assessment Sampling Platform in Research and Enterprise

Assessment Sampling Platform in Research and Education – ASPIRE Framework

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SycliQ: Systems for crop/commuting life cycle

Systems for crop life cycle intelligence is hardware and software platform for capture crop life cycle data in real-time and draw prescriptive insights for remedial action

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Clients we are serving/served

(this is only a small subset of our clients)

these are some small but firm steps towards a bigger vision, we will be there.

Assignment Type: Technology Trainings

We have been offering code-driven technology trainings to CGI- Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad locations

  • KnockoutJS with RequireJS, C# Web API:
  • C# MVC 5 with Web API:
  • MongoDB:

Assignment Type: Technology Trainings

We have been offering code-driven technology trainings to Harman- Bangalore, and Pune locations

  • AngularJS 1.5.x:
  • R Programming:
  • C# with MVC 5, WEB API:

Assignment Type: Technology Trainings

We have been offering code-driven technology trainings to ITC- Bangalore locations

  • AngularJS 1.5.x:
  • AngularJS 1.5.x with RequireJS, C# Web API:
  • Angular 2.x:

All State
Assignment Type: Technology Trainings

We have been offering code-driven technology trainings to ITC- Bangalore locations

  • AngularJS 1.5.x:
  • C# MVC 5:
  • Advanced JavaScript with Design Patterns:
  • Responsive Web Design with HTML5,CSS,JS:

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